Somehow humans have built themselves a prison planet. You have probably noticed a subtle feeling of entrapment. You know something is very wrong, but you may not have put your finger on it yet.

I am not talking about the normal rules of being alive:

There have always been rules for all creatures ever since the beginning. You must eat, excrete waste, sleep, and die.

You must hunt or gather food and water and you must keep your body temperature within normal limits, or you will die early before having offspring. You must avoid predators.

You must follow the laws…

Amazon Work Farms

It was just too easy to predict how the future would turn out 30 years down the line. Back in 2021, we knew what was going on. But all of us were too terrified to even attempt to change our fate.

But we have everything we need now, thanks to Amazon!

Once climate change sped up so rapidly there were very few places left on the planet that you could live where the rents were affordable and where the jobs were plentiful enough to survive. …

Small things you can do to divest from The Beast we call capitalism:

  • Go through your files in the cloud and on your devices and start throwing stuff away. Do this monthly to get the mental cobwebs out.
  • Get rid of old apps, and PDFs, and expensive courses that are no longer relevant to who you are. They are outdated, or they just don’t fit you anymore.
  • Go through your kindle books and real books and get rid of stuff that is irrelevant. Delete free samples from kindle that you will never read.
  • Take books off devices that you have finished.
  • Go through your kitchen cupboards and get rid of all the junky…

This election could be critical for the safety of people of color in the US. This is a technocracy run mostly by companies behind the scenes. But as we have seen so clearly over the last 4 years, the presidency still influences policies that can make or break the lives of the disenfranchised working people who make up the majority of this country today.

I just started reading Denise Nicholas’ book Freshwater Road about the struggle for black voting rights in 1964. I knew Denise back when she was part of the Free Southern Theater in 1966 in New Orleans…

In the late 1980s, I noticed that all politicians were using a loosely cupped fist topped with their thumb instead of pointing their index finger while making a speech. I am a-political but I notice little stuff when I glance over at some official making a speech.

Suddenly someone realized that pointing with the index finger during a speech is considered impolite in many cultures and all finger-pointing was taken out of all politicians hand movement vocabulary seemingly overnight in the USA.

Little details like the lack of pointed index fingers and the substitution of the loosely cupped fist with…

Contrasting the Hong Kong protests with the US Black Lives Matter movement.

I have been watching what is happening in Hong Kong from a distance. It is sad to see people’s rights being eroded as China moves in to take over.

Young people go out and take to the streets wearing masks. They get tear-gassed and beaten back and retreat down side streets to regroup so they can gather and demonstrate again the next day.

They go to work, come home prepare a backpack with water and supplies, change into a disguise, and go out and demonstrate over and over.

This is a short story, a piece of dystopian fiction to try and make some sense of all the killings and why they seem so on-purpose, and why nothing ever changes. If you are to take down an enemy you must understand their motives. So step inside the head of a white supremacist for a moment while he justifies his actions.

OK, so you want to know why we do it?

It’s not what you think it is all.

The killings are not personal or meant to be cruel.

They are just part of the many rites you have to…

I found a heart-felt, well-meaning email sitting in my inbox this Easter Sunday about starting a victory garden to help alleviate some of the emotional and financial stress of Covid-19. At the end of the email, Lucy Schlesinger of Urban Monk gives this trite little tidbit.

“Every family could use a win right now. The coronavirus doesn’t see wealth, circumstance, morality, age, or race — it is affecting everyone.”

Lucy Schlesinger

That just made me want to barf in disgust because covid affects the poor very differently from the wealthy.

The pandemic affects different classes and races far more than…

The Coronavirus is not fun if you are out of money because your job has been shut down. And it’s a disaster if you are one of the many homeless people living in your car in Silicon Valley like I was a few years ago.

But today I have a free place to stay and a weekly stipend that so far is unaffected by the virus. And I know that even without food I would be ok for a month or two.

I have no fear of fasting as long as I have a roof over my head and a…

We need to change directions fast to undo the damage we have done to our lovely planet.
Things are happening so rapidly that we are about 50 years behind, but we can still catch up if we think in a radically new way about our predicament.

How is doing the same old thing going to bring us a new solution?
We are spending billions of dollars putting our finger in the dike with the same old systems that got us into this ecological mess in the first place. Instead, we need to scrap the old model to build a better solution.


Zoe Zuniga

Holistic Health Writer at plant-based nutrition and Creativity Without Poverty

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